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9 Tips For Safe Swimming

Important pool safety tips

Many homeowners in Florida have beautiful pools in their own backyards. Let’s face it during the summer it’s where we spend most of our time cooling off. In order to make sure that your pool time as fun and relaxing as possible you must follow these important safety tips.

Pool rules

Having a basic set of rules for all who come over and use the pool can go a long way to pool safety. Rules such as no pushing, no dunking, no running and no diving could prevent many mishaps.

Swimming Lessons

There are stories every year of children who drowned in pools. This is always a tragic situation. Teach your child how to swim by taking swimming lessons and make them aware of the water safety and the pool rules.

Pool Gate

Your pool could be only steps away from your home and you want to make sure that it is not being used without the proper adult supervision. Having a 4-foot high fence around the perimeter of your pool that locks automatically is imperative. There are also monitors that you can keep in the water that will sound an alarm if the water is disturbed.

Accident prevention

With water all around, the pool area could be a fall hazard. Make sure nobody is permitted to run around your pool and that you have non-slippery materials in your decking.

Water depth

Be sure that everybody using the pool knows the water depth. There should be no jumping or diving in shallow areas. Also knowing where the water starts to get deeper is helpful for the safety of smaller children and those who aren’t great swimmers.

Keep an eye on children

Never let small children play in or around the pool without supervision. Make sure that there is always a responsible adult watching them. If a child is in an inexperienced swimmer you may want to have them wear a life jacket at all times.


Water and electronics do not mix. Keep all electrical appliances and outlets away from the pool area. Never run any cords along the side of the pool. Also be sure that the lighting inside your pool is not damaged before going for a swim.

Healthy pool

Make sure your pool is always at the proper pH and chlorine levels. Skin infections, red eyes, and swimmers ear can all be caused by a dirty pool.

Pool drains and openings

Your pool has drains in various places to keep the water flowing. Unfortunately every year there are many accidents involving these drains and openings.    Usually, young children get stuck or trapped by the suction forces. Make sure that your pool is up to safety codes by having the proper covers on drains, pipes and other openings.

In order to fully enjoy your pool and all it has to offer in the hot Florida weather make sure that you follow these safety tips. For safety fencing, non-slip decking and pool remodeling needs call the experts at City Beach Pools.


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