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4 Places to Check For a Leaky Pool

Do you have a leaky pool?

On any given day in Florida, your pool water could evaporate up to ¼ inch of pool water.  Add in possible bbackwashingor heavy splashing or other activity and it could be more.  However, if your pool level is going down more rapidly and you can’t account for the water loss, you may have a leak.  There are a few common areas where your in ground pool could be leaking.  Always refer to a professional for proper pool leak detection and repair.

Pool Shell

Your pool shell is the basic outer lining of the pool. Your shell could have a crack which would cause a leak.  Also the areas surrounding the pipes could leak.  The tile line could become compromised over time and cause a leak.  One of the most common places in the pool shell for leaks is the interface of the skimmer area and the pool wall.


Lights in your pool look great but they can be prone to leaks.  Proper maintenance of your lights is paramount in pool safety.  Check the area surrounding the light fixture for any visible cracks in the sealant.  Also if your water level stops leaking at the level of the lights, then you have most likely found your issue.


The plumbing is necessary for proper pool filtration and cleaning.  The pipes, which are mostly located underground, can crack due to shifting soil.  This is not common at all however.  In leak situations such as this, the problem pipe is easily accessible with minimal disturbance to your land.


Pumps, filters, chlorinators and heaters are all part of your pool equipment.  A leak in any of these pieces of equipment would be quite obvious since water would be running out!  Hoses, gaskets and valves can and will deteriorate over time and will cause leaks.  At least this is an easily detected leak and typically and easy fix by a pool professional.

Most of the time pool leaks are simple repairs.  The majority of leaks are in the equipment as opposed to less commonly in the pool lining.  The main thing to keep in mind is to have your leaks fixed promptly and professionally.  Waiting could cause larger and more costly problems. City Beach Pools can diagnose your problem quickly. Give us a call.



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